online investment On the passive earnings of sin is not to dream, because it is a real opportunity to profit without every day efforts. We all want a good, prosperous life, and not a miserable existence of life from wages to salaries. After all, money gives freedom, but how to feel this freedom, if from morning to night, in the sweat of their face, they earn money? The main advantage that the Internet gives is the opportunity to sit on the couch to perform a lot of different functions: from unobtrusive communication with friends to earning a house. As for the latter, such a process of earning can sometimes be even more painful than a standard seven-day week in normal work. But there are options for earning, which from you do not require any active action, for example, investments in the Internet. Varieties and ways of investing online there are a lot: all of them differ in the principle of action, the nature of the victory of investor involvement in the process of making money and, of course, the degree of profitability. To allocate in a separate group it is possible and those kinds of investments which can be considered rather reliable. More or less reliable investment of funds in the network can be considered investment in bitcoin. The essence of it is that unlike investing in various online games, the investor does not give money to a complete stranger - he only buys virtual money units and is waiting for a good time to sell them. In this case, the investor needs to constantly monitor the situation regarding the course, understand under what circumstances he is rising, and when he falls. Note that at the moment, bitcoin is extremely popular, and with the growth in demand, its price is also growing. 26079