Planning for the allocation of free funds, should first determine the purpose - protection against inflation or increase in capital. It depends on the choice of instruments for their ratio of risk / profitability. In addition, the choice of assets in the formation of an investment portfolio is influenced by the amount of funds, as well as the horizon of investment, that is, the planned term of placement of funds. One of the main rules for saving inflation is their diversification, to put it simply, not to put all eggs in one basket. The share of each asset may vary. It is advisable not to put all the money into one selected asset, but to create a portfolio of investments. At the same time, one should not be overly enthusiastic about diversification, especially if the investor does not have enough experience. where best to invest: deposits, currency, currency, gold, training and / or travel, crypt, real estate, securities. However, every private investor can choose the investment strategy himself, based on his financial capabilities and understanding of a particular market. 59542 … tocks.html