Invest the money in share market - the most profitable and profitable form of saving, accumulation and increase of money, of course, if you adhere to the rules of the game in the stock market. When you choose an independent contribution, you need to have a large amount of information and be able to analyze it (to analyze macroeconomic data, financial indicators of issuing companies, conduct technical analysis, etc.). Most people do not have enough time, technical abilities and professional knowledge to independently start managing their own investment portfolio.   But this kind of earnings is really profitable! The reason for this is inflation. If you simply put money down, over time, they ’eat’ inflation, and the value of money decreases. You can not buy as much money as you would buy a few years ago for your money. But as inflation reduces the cost of money, it increases the cost of your deposit. So do not waste time and start working for your future. 42413 … t/How.html